DRIPS. 2017/2018

All thoughts you have go together with emotions and feelings. In this project I've decided to research and visualize this. Inspired by a plastic bottle came a first idea. A hanging installation where brightly coloured bottles have soft drips pouring out of them. The colors i used in this project are linked to different emotions. I chosen to use bottles to visualize the core of these emotions. They represent the form of the human body and refer to the human body because we consist for 70% out of water. The drips are the expressions of these emotions. I used drips as a visualization because emotions are ever present, they only change in strength. It comes in waves just like the tide. There are more drips because with every emotion, you choose (conscious or unconscious) how you react to them. The installation "Door de War" (Entangled) is interactive and invites the vieuwer to touch and entangle the sculpture. During the process of this sculpture i started trying out a different way of fabricating drips. From this sprug a jolly new series of sculptures and drawings. The form not only refers to feelings and their expressions but also to fluid organic movements, humanity and things of constant change just like all moments of life itself. It is a carrier and a visualization of a certain heaviness.